Elle spends quality time with her boy and friends

This super cool mum excelled herself when she treated 10 year old Aurelius to court side seats for the Miami basketball game!

Elle McPherson with her boy Aurelius front row at the Miami match

The 49 year old looked stunning in white jeans that so few could pull off, her voluminous hair cascading over her shoulders, and size 10UK studded black ankle boots with high heels. Not that Elle needs any extra height, these boots do ensure the wearer towers above anyone around them, and their ankle slimming design will go from day to night with ease.

‘The Body’s’ infamous smile lit up the room as she joked around with Cy. Unsurprisingly, Aurelius Cy was equipped with top of the range clothes, including a Miami Heat vest. Elle’s other son, 15 year old Arpad, was not in attendance.

Fun and games all round

Elle has just come back from a visit to Aspen with her beau Jeffrey, to whom she has been engaged to since 2009. It is reported that the couple got married last July in Fiji, but nothing has been confirmed.

Winter is upon us!

As storm Hercules sets in to New York, predictions of a foot of snow are well afoot! Meg Ryan and her young daughter Daisy True take no chances and wrap up for the weather!

Mother and daughter enjoying a trip out

Meg wearing a rather warm looking black puffa jacket with matching pom pom hat and black lace up size 10UK ankle boots while nine year old Daisy True went more colourful with a pink bomber hat and yellow scarf!

It was an outting just for the pair of them, as boyfriend John Mellencamp was no where to be seen. In fact, he hasn’t been spotted with Meg since October, claiming he is ‘too sensitive’ to be moving to Manhatten.

It has been a while since we saw Meg hit the big screen, but it rumoured she is planning to return to the (small) screen in an NBC sitcom penned by Family Ties writer Marc Lawrence. Let’s hope so, we miss the queen of rom-com!


How to dress like Michelle Obama for 2014

A huge fashion icon of 2013 was Michelle Obama, and would be a perfect woman to take style advice from for the year ahead. Her effortless style make her one of the world’s best dressed women. Here are a small selection of her key pieces that both make a statement and would be a welcome addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

Footwear is often a discussed item of Michelle’s wardrobe, and her feet certainly never look like she has larger than average feet at size 9UK. These over the knee boots are a staple of hers, and are gorgeous. They would be perfect for the taller woman and can be teamed with dresses and trousers alike.

Family outting to the church, shows Michelle wearing a stunning pair of over the knee Jimmy Choos

Tip if buying something similar? Opt for a pull on boot, with a heel no higher than 3.5 inches.

Another item Michelle loves to wear is a button down white top. The design really flatters her complexion, and they are great for both semi-formal and casual occassions especially if teamed with a wide belt!

Wearing her hair down, Michelle looks both stylish and comfortable

Tip if going for this look? A white button down shirt would look amazing with a pencil skirt or with black trousers as Michelle is pictured in above.

Michelle’s other favorite shoes to opt for are kitten heels. Kitten heels offer the best of both worlds when it comes to something you have to wear all day; both style and comfort, which is a rarity in style circles!)

Kitten heels work with skirts, dresses, jeans and trousers alike!

Michelle is definitely a woman to watch when looking for style advice.